Project Details


We have identified the need for an improved understanding of the importance of aquatic C loss to catchment drainage systems by stakeholders of upland environments. This Knowledge Exchange project aims to:

Network Activities

1. Full network meetings: We will host three annual network meetings within the first fully-funded phase of CLAD (from NERC, July 2009-12). Our first introductory meeting has taken place (Oct 20th-22nd, 2009), to the purpose of which was to introduce network members - academics, developers, conservation agencies, regulatory authorities and environmental consultants - to one another, and to review current understanding of the processes of carbon export from terrestrial to aquatic systems, and how this, and hence surface waters, may be impacted by major developments within a carbon landscape.

This introductory meeting aimed to produce the following formal outputs, in addition to catalysing carbon landscape knowledge exchange.

A second full network meeting
is planned (~ Oct. 2010) to facilitate interaction and debate on the important issue of reviewing the impact of disturbance and how best to implement development without significant damage to sensitive systems and habitats. We hope such debate will have been on-going electronically prior to this meeting. This meeting will also incorporate a workshop to promote and develop joint research initiatives.

The third full network meeting is planned (~ Oct. 2011)  to allow all network members the opportunity to provide feedback and peer-review on the draft document ‘Carbon and Water’ guideline document, an important formal output of this activity, prior to finalising this in the latter stages of the KE process.

2. Workshop provision: We will run the following two series of workshops:

3. Provision of electronic resources (in the form of this website).