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January 12th-13th 2011. CLAD Annual General Meeting. 'Restoration & Drainage in Peatlands'.

Day 1

The agenda for the CLAD AGM and the Carbon Calculator Workshop can be found here.

1) Peatland hydrological functioning: and the need for restoration for carbon conservation. (Prof. Dave Gilvear. Stirling University)

2) The purpose of restoration: a regulatory overview. (Lorna Harris. SEPA)

3) Evaluating a match: is restoration for flood control, biodiversity and carbon functioning the same thing? (Clifton Bain. IUCN)

4) The effects of road building on peatlands: an ecological perspective. (Richard Lindsay. University of East London)

5) Hydrological and biogeochemical effects of peatland restoration; observational and experimental approaches. (Dr. Lorraine Wilson. RSPB)

6) SNIFFER project ER18. Aquatic C fluxes from UK peatlands: A demonstration of a prototype metadatabase on aquatic C forms in UK peatlands. (Dr. Marc Stutter Macaulay Land Use Institute)

Day 2

1) Case studies from Ireland. (Dr. Catherine O’Farrell. Bord na Móna)

2) Case study from Whitelee Windfarm. (Peter Robson. Scottish Power Renewables)

3) Case study of restoration on Flanders Moss. (Dr. Nadeem Shah Forestry Research)

4) Drain blocking best practice and the implications for dissolved organic carbon concentrations. (Dr Alona Armstrong. University of Glasgow)

5) The effect of peatland restoration on gas emissions. (Mark Cooper. Centre for Ecology & Hydrology Bangor)

6) Discussion. Exploring the possibility of a levy on development in peatlands. (chaired by Prof. Susan Waldron. Glasgow University)

January 11th 2011. Scottish government workshop to improve the design of the Scottish Wind Farm Carbon Calculator.

May 7th 2010 Windfarm Carbon Payback Calculator Workshop

Workshop minutes can be found here. The list of delegates can be found here.

A series of Youtube videos of the day can be found on the CLAD Youtube channel. The audio quality of these videos is not good on some computers. This can be overcome, if watched while using a good pair of earphones.

October 20th-22nd 2009 (1st annual network meeting)

Day 1: Research community overview (Tues. 20th Oct. 2009)

Introduction:(Dr. Susan Waldron - Glasgow University)

1) Whole system budgets: how important are DOC losses from soils relative to other issues of carbon management (Dr. Chris Evans: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)

2) Overview of competing theories for increases in freshwater DOC concentrations (Dr. Julian Dawson: University of Aberdeen - currently Macaulay Land Use Institute)

3) DOC losses: UK losses in an international context (Dr. Don Monteith: Centre for Ecology & Hydrology)

4) Evidence for a mechanism driving recent observed trends in DOC (dissolved organic carbon) release from upland peat (Dr. Adrian Yallop: Cranfield University)

5) New pressures on carbon landscapes: Developments physical disturbance and DOC (Dr. Ian Grieve: University of Stirling)

6) All DOC is not the same: DOC classified by functional properties and the environmental significance of these (Prof. Andy Baker: University of Birmingham - currently University of New South Wales)

7) DOC Transport mechanisms/Hydrological Controls; Pipes vs surface flow vs groundwater movement (Dr. Pippa Chapman: University of Leeds)

Day 2: Full network meeting of the academic community and carbon landscape stakeholders (Wed. 21st Oct)

1) A sustainable future for onshore wind (Mandy Gloyer - Scottish Power Renewables)

2) Ecosystem services of upland carbon landscapes in England (Michael Rebane – Natural England)

3) Climate change & land management - SEPA's role (Lorna Harris & Janet Moxley - SEPA)

4) Land drainage & impacts on native fish populations (Andrew BurrowsLoch Lomond Fisheries Trust)

5) Peat, waste & borrow pits (Jane MacDonald – Airtricity).

6) A carbon payback calculator for windfarms (Andrew Coupar, SNH standing in for Dali Nayak – Aberdeen University)

7) Peatscapes: monitoring of hydrology and water quality at Geltsdale and Priorsdale (Dr Paul Quinn - Newcastle University)

Day 3: Full network meeting to discuss the format and content of the ‘Carbon and Water Guidelines’ (Thurs. 22nd Oct)